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Enhanced Team Management
- Collaborative Sharing with Team Collections
- Superior Permission Allocation
Seamless Multi-Shop Management

1. Introduction: Empower Your Team with Advanced Etsy SEO Tools

As an Etsy team seller, the right tools can make all the difference in your success. That's why EtsyHunt Team Edition is a game-changer tailored specifically for Etsy team sellers. With four subscription options—Free, Basic, Pro, and Team Edition—EtsyHunt offers an extensive range of advanced features. Among them, the Team Edition stands out, offering unmatched convenience for team collaboration and management.

2. Manage Your Team

Team Member Management

When it comes to team management, EtsyHunt Team Edition takes the capabilities of the Pro version to the next level. By incorporating all the advanced features of EtsyHunt, the Team Edition excels in unified team management.

In the "My Team - Team Management" section, team administrators can effortlessly invite or remove team members, ensuring smooth operations and effective collaboration.

2.1 Collaborative Sharing with Team Collections

Team Favorites

To foster teamwork and facilitate resource sharing, the "My Team - Team Favorites" section allows the entire team to share personal collections. This centralized repository becomes the go-to source for collaboration, enabling seamless sharing of insights and leveraging Etsy SEO tools effectively.

2.2 Superior Permission Allocation

Permission Allocation

In addition to the unique capabilities mentioned above, EtsyHunt Team Edition offers notable advantages in permission allocation. Team members enjoy unrestricted access to a comprehensive suite of features, including "Product Research," "Shop Search," "Shop Analysis," "Amazon Handmade Product Research," "Inactive Product Research," and "EtsyGPT." What's more, the Team Edition allows the collective sharing of 1,200 daily uses of the "Keyword Analysis" feature, catering to individual permission needs. The exclusive "Team Favorites" feature enables the team to share up to 12,500 products or shops, amplifying the impact of Etsy SEO tools.

3. Seamless Multi-Shop Management for Team Sellers

For team sellers managing multiple Etsy shops, EtsyHunt Team Edition offers unparalleled support. Each team member can link up to 10 shops, empowering the entire team to efficiently manage up to 50 shops. Additionally, the Team Edition provides a listing optimization feature, granting each shop 100 daily usage counts independent of other shops. Furthermore, each shop benefits from a daily allowance of 500 search and review requests, enabling comprehensive Etsy SEO strategies.

4. Conclusion: Boost Your Team Efficiency and Harness the Power of Etsy SEO Tools

In conclusion, if you're a team seller, the EtsyHunt Team Edition is an invaluable opportunity you simply can't afford to miss. Equip your team with enhanced collaboration and management capabilities, while seamlessly leveraging Etsy SEO tools, trending searches, and popular tags. Unlock the full potential of your Etsy team, drive success, and boost productivity with EtsyHunt Team Edition.

Updated on: 09/27/2023

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