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Shop Database: Unlocking Shop Success and Boosting Your Etsy Rank

Shop Database: Unlocking Shop Success and Boosting Your Etsy Rank


1. Using the Shop Database Feature

EtsyHunt Shop Database

In EtsyHunt, the Shop Database feature allows you to find target shops and gather insights into their operations and product inspirations. Here are the steps to use the Shop Database:

Log in to your EtsyHunt account and access the dashboard.
Navigate to the "Shop Database" option in the menu bar.

2. Find the Shops of Your Interest

Path 1: Searching by "Shop"

EtsyHunt Shop Search

Select "Shop".
Enter the shop name or URL in the search box and click on the search button.
You can use the following filters to refine your search:
- Common Filters: You can filter by the shop's country, category, and the number of items for sale.
- Advanced Filters: Support filtering by total sales, total reviews, total favorites, weekly sales, weekly reviews, and weekly favorites.
- Tags: There are two official tags to identify shops with excellent performance and high-quality products:
- Star Seller: Shops consistently receive 5-star ratings, delivering orders on time, and responding quickly to messages.
- Raving Seller: Shops that have received a large number of 5-star reviews in the past 7 days.
- Shop Creation Time: Allows you to quickly filter established or recently opened shops.

Path 2: Searching by "Product"

EtsyHunt Product Search

Select "Product".
Enter the keywords of the products you are interested in the search box.
Click "Search" or press Enter to begin the search.

Once you have applied the desired filters and conducted the search, EtsyHunt will present a list of shops relevant to your criteria. You can then browse through the shop list and click on the shops that pique your interest to view detailed information.

The shop list primarily displays sales-related information, such as total sales, total reviews, total favorites, and changes in these metrics over the past 7 days. This way, you can identify shops that have experienced recent spikes in certain metrics. The two buttons at the end of each shop's listing respectively represent official shop redirection and shop product list redirection, enabling you to further explore product ideas.

Please note that you can choose either the "Shop" or "Product" option, depending on whether you want to search for specific shops or discover shops based on product keywords.

3. Learning from Successful Shops and Boost Etsy Rank

Through the Shop Database feature, you can discover successful Etsy shops and learn from their operational strategies and techniques. Here are some things to consider when using the Shop Database:

- Explore the shop pages and observe their product displays, descriptions, and pricing strategies.
- Study the shop's sales data, such as the number of sales, reviews, and ratings.
- Pay attention to customer interactions, such as the number of favorites and comments received.
- Observe the shop's social media activities and promotional strategies.
- Take note of the shop's business model, unique features, and brand image.

By drawing inspiration from these successful shops and their strategies, you can apply similar approaches to your own shop, enhancing your operational efficiency and sales performance.

Shop Data

We provide you with basic information about the shops and summarized data on sales, favorites, reviews, and ratings.

Shop Metrics

Additionally, we offer various trend data, rankings, and keyword insights to help you analyze the performance of competitor shops.

Product Trends

By analyzing the top-selling products of a shop, we provide you with raw information about their product sourcing strategies, helping you better understand how the shop conducts its sales.

4. Sparking Product Inspiration and Improve Your Etsy Rank

In addition to operational strategies, the Shop Database feature also helps spark product inspiration. By observing successful shops' product combinations and sales performance, you can discover popular products and market trends. Here are some methods to inspire your product selection:

- Pay attention to best-selling products and understand their unique features and advantages.
- Identify emerging products and categories to cater to market demands.
- Monitor best-selling products and popular tags in different shops.
- Observe how shops curate product combinations and offer product recommendations.

By deriving product inspiration from the Shop Database, you can expand your product range and provide diverse items to meet the needs of different customers.

Using EtsyHunt's Shop Database feature, you can find target shops, learn from operational strategies, and gain product inspiration to enhance the efficiency and sales performance of your Etsy shop. Explore various shops and make adjustments and decisions based on your brand and target audience. Wishing you success on your EtsyHunt journey!

Updated on: 09/28/2023

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