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About Using EtsyHunt

About Using EtsyHunt

1. Tutorials:

● Feature Tutorials:
● Step-by-step guide:
● Tutorial Video:

2. Connect to Etsy shop

Please go to:

3. EtsyHunt Major Features

● Product Database:
● Keyword Analysis:
● Shop Database:
● Listing Optimization:
● Data Tracking:

4. EtsyHunt 3 Free effective Chrome extensions

Etsy Rank Tool:
Etsy Tag Tool:

5. Why is the CSV file I downloaded showing garbled characters?

Some users have encountered a similar issue, which could be due to the file version not being in UTF-8 format. To resolve this, please follow this tutorial on how to encode an Excel file to UTF-8:
Alternatively, you can try opening the CSV file using WPS (a free office software suite). You can download WPS from their official website:

6. How often do you update the data?

For popular products, we update the data daily. For regular products, it's updated weekly. In the case of less active products, our update frequency may be longer.

7. Why is your data not updated in time? How to get the latest data?

Because Etsy has millions of items and shops, our system cannot update the latest data for each item in time. Sorry for that.
But there is a solution: you can find your shop and prouduct, and "add it to favorite", like this:

The basic logic is that you “add to favorite" first, which means that you apply to our system to update the data of this item. Then you wait for 5 minutes, refresh the page, and there will be the latest data.
The problem of data update delay can basically be solved by the above methods.

Updated on: 09/27/2023

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